Transfer Station Materials

The Recycling Center & Transfer Station is proud to accept and recycle all types of material. We sort through the material and pull out any recyclables. 16 out of 17 acres are used for recycling! We take regular household waste, wood, green waste, construction debris, and more! Please contact us if you have any questions at (925) 473-0180. Recycling receipts are available upon request.

What Do We Recycle?

Contra Costa Waste Recycling Center & Transfer Station recycles tires, yard waste, metals, mattresses, foam padding, propane tanks, e-waste, appliances, and much more!


Wood Chips and Construction Debris Recycling

We recycle wood chips and turn them into biomass fuel and for use in particle board. We also sort through construction and demolition debris and recycle them, too!


Now Selling Compost & Bark (Ground Cover)!

RCTS is now selling compost in bulk & bags. Bags are $5.50 plus tax. Bulk (1 ton- 2.22 cubic yards) is $60.00 plus tax.

We are also selling Bark (Ground Cover) by bulk only. The price is $250.00 per ton. We sell both brown and black bark.  For more information, please contact the Recycling Center & Transfer Station at (925) 473-0180.

Household Hazardous Waste

THE TRANSFER STATION DOES NOT ACCEPT HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS OR INFECTIOUS WASTE. Many products in your home contain hazardous material. It is ILLEGAL and UNSAFE to throw away household hazardous waste in your garbage container, on the ground, or down a storm drain.

 If you live in East County, please contact Delta Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility at (925) 756-1990, or go to their website:

If you live in Concord, Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek, or Martinez, please contact Central Contra Costa Household Hazardous Waste Facility at (925) 228-9500, or go to their website:

Examples of Household Hazardous Waste:
Carburetor Cleaner
Drain Cleaners
Fluorescent Bulbs
Gasoline, Fuel Additives
Glues, Cement
Grease & Rust Solvent
Lighter Fluid
Oven Cleaners
Paint Thinner & Strippers
Polishes & Cleaners
Pool Chemicals
Transmission Oils
Used Oil & Oil Filters
Wood & Metal Cleaners