Transfer Station Rates

Rates effective April 1, 2014.

The Recycling Center & Transfer Station is pleased to offer you some of the lowest rates in Contra Costa County. Please call (925) 473-0180 if you have any questions regarding our rates.

ATM cards and personal checks are NOT accepted. However, we do accept cash, Visa or MasterCard.

We provide Recycling Receipts upon request.

Miscellaneous Items Price Unit
Minimum Charge $25.00 — —
Cubic Yard Charge $22.00 Per Yard
Bulk and Compacted Loads $83.75 Per Ton
Refrigerators, Air Conditioning Units $44.00 Each
Washers and Stoves $44.00 Each
All Other Appliances $32.00 Each
Small Propane Tanks (5-Gallon) $8.00 Each
Medium Propane Tanks (6-to 10-Gallon) $13.00 Each
Large Propane Tanks (More Than 10 Gallons) $32.00 Each
Mattress and Box Spring - Twin Size $19.00 Each
Mattress and Box Spring - Larger Than Twin Size $28.00 Each

Construction & Demolition (C&D) Materials Price Unit
Minimum Charge $25.00 — —
Cubic Yard Charge $22.00 Per Yard
Bulk & Compacted Loads $83.75 Per Ton

Wood Loads Price Unit
Clean Wood Minimum Charge $25.00 — —
Clean Wood Loads $78.75 Per Ton
Clean Green Minimum Charge $25.00 — —
Clean Green Loads $78.75 Per Ton
Wood Stumps Larger Than 24 Inches $83.75 Per Ton

Electronic Waste Price Unit
Cell Phones $5.00 Each
VCRs and Printers (Small Items) $8.00 Each
Medium e-waste $13.00 Each
Microwaves $19.00 Each
TVs and CRTs $32.00 Each
Copy Machines (Large Items - Special Handling) $101.00 & Up Each

Tires Price Unit
Cars $8.00 Each
Trucks $19.00 Each
Tractors $52.00 Each

We do not accept hazardous, infectious, or liquid waste.

All loads must be covered and will be inspected before disposal as provided by State Law. R.C.T.S. reserves the right to reject any load.

City Ordinance 90-997 requires that, “all vehicles used for hauling refuse within the City shall be of such construction as to comply with all laws, rules, and regulations of the state, and shall be of a type and construction to prevent leakage or overflow.  All refuse in such vehicle shall be completely covered… to prevent any refuse from spilling or blowing from the vehicle.”

California Vehicle Code Sections 23114 and 23115 state that it is against the law to operate a vehicle on the highway which is improperly covered, constructed, or loaded so that any part of its contents or loads spills, drops, leaks, blows, or otherwise escapes from the vehicle. Additionally, any vehicle transporting garbage, trash, or rubbish, used cans or bottles, waste papers, waste cardboard, etc. must have the load covered to prevent any part of the load from spilling on the highway (CVC 2011).  Significant fines are possible for non-compliance.

Thank You for Your Cooperation,
Contra Costa Waste Service, Inc.